Justin Ryan Simpson Bio - OJ Simpson's Son (2023)

Who is Justin Ryan Simpson?

Justin Ryan Simpson is a real estate agent who has risen through the scandals of his parents. He is a son who grew up without a mother, eventually losing his father to a murder trial.

The 35 years old, Justin Simpson had a troubled childhood, but now he has acquired success through his hard work.

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Let us read about the second son of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown before and after the tragedy.

Quick facts

Full nameJustin Ryan Simpson
BirthdayAugust 6, 1988
Age35 years old
ParentsOrenthal “O.J.” Simpson and Nicole Brown
Marital statusSingle
SiblingsSydney Brooke Simpson
Half-siblingsJason Simpson, Arnelle Simpson, Aaren Simpson
EducationBachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial and small business Operations from Florida State University (2006-2010)
CareerReal Estate Agent and Entrepreneur
ResidencySt. Petersburg, Florida, U.S
Net worthUSD 3 million (estimated)

Interesting facts

1. Justin Simpson is the youngest child of O.J Simpson

Justin Ryan Simpson was born as the second child of O.J Simpson’s second wife, Nicole Brown. He has a sister named Sydney Brooke Simpson.

Justin also has three half-siblings: Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason L. Simpson, and Aaren L. Simpson.

2. Justin’s mother was murdered

Justin had a tough childhood. He started living with his mother after she divorced his dad.

His life worsened when she was murdered in her home alongside Ron Goldman.
His dad was a suspect and was jailed for eight months. He was arrested again for robbery and many other felonies.

3. He is not a football player

Justin is not an American football player like his father, O.J Simpson. He is not even in the Hollywood industry. Instead, he is a realtor who owns multiple real estate businesses.


Justin Ryan Simpson was born on August 6, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, United States, to Nicole Brown and Orenthal James Simpson (commonly known as O.J Simpson). He is the second child from Orenthal’s second marriage.

Justin Ryan Simpson Bio - OJ Simpson's Son (2)

Nicole was a waitress at a private club called ‘The Daisy’ in Beverly Hills when Justin’s father met her in 1997. O.J. was an American football player, a sports commentator, and an actor.

At that time, O.J. was still married to Marguerite L. Whitley, his first wife, and had three children: Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason L. Simpson, and Aaren L. Simpson. Aaren drowned in the family’s swimming pool and died in 1979.

O.J. and Marguerite divorced in 1979.

His parents got married on February 2, 1985, and gave birth to his elder sister, Sydney Brooke Simpson.

In 1989, after a year of Justin’s birth, his parents got divorced. From then on, Justin and Sydney started living with their mother, Nicole.

OJ Simpson and Justin Ryan Simpson

Justin’s life took a wild turn when his mother was murdered in her home alongside her friend, Ron Goldman, in 1994.

His father was the prime suspect. It seemed as if his father had a motive to have her killed at that time. For this, his dad was on a murder trial.

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Justin Simpson’s father faced multiple controversies and was sent to jail for eight months.

O.J Simpson was released on September 13, 2007, but was arrested for Las Vegas robbery and multiple other felonies.

After his dad was taken in custody, Justin and his sister, Sydney, started living with their maternal grandparents: Juditha Anne Brown and Louis Hezekiel Brown.

After his dad was declared innocent of the murder charges, Justin and Sydney started living with him in Florida.

Some records have implied that both the siblings had a sweet-sour relationship with their father.Justin and Sydney witnessed a prolonged heated custody battle between their father and maternal grandparents.

Justin Simpson education

Justin completed his Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from Florida State University (2006-2010)

The whereabouts of where he completed his high schooling are not known.

Personality traits

Justin keeps relatively business on his social media accounts. But we can assume his personality traits through his sun sign even if we don’t know what kind of person he is.

Justin was born on August 6, meaning he is a Leo.

Leo men are characterized as affectionate and cheerful people who are dignified and ambitious.

Justin aims to be someone who is not the reflection of his father. He is a real estate agent and owns two real estate companies, which is what a person with an ambitious and dignified attitude does.

Justin Simpson Relationships

Justin Simpson’s dad was known to have married young and had a bad history with women. However, Justin’s marital status is still single, if you ladies are wondering.

It is yet not known if he is in a relationship or not.

OJ Simpson relationship with his son

After Justin’s dad was jailed for the murder of his mother, he had a sweet-sour relationship with him.

In an interview with The Associated Press, O.J Simpson said, “We don’t need to go back and relive the worst day of our lives. The subject of the moment is the subject I will never visit again. My family and I have moved on to what we call the ‘no negative zone.’ We focus on the positives.”

Justin Ryan Simpson career

We may think that the son of such a legendary football player would choose the same path as his father. But, Justin chose a very different path probably because he was not in touch with his father to know about sports and be interested in them.

Justin has made a name for himself in the real estate world.

He is the owner of ‘Bolder Property Management’, which he established in June 2018 in Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida Area.

He is now a realtor for the DHM Real Estate group.

Justin Simpson previous work experiences

Justin Ryan Simpson has excellent experience in the real estate industry.

He started his real estate career as a Real Estate Sales Professional at ‘Muffley & Associates Real Estate from March 2013 – October 2015.

In 2015, he moved to Coldwell Banker Residential Estates, Florida, and worked in real estate sales, where he has been known to be a salesman with fantastic negotiation skills.

Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Simpson

Justin and his sister, Sydney Brooke, have endured everything together; now, he hasanother real estate company named Justin Communications Together with his sister, Sydney.

Justin Simpson road to fame

Justin was the center of media attention after his mother was brutally murdered and his father was jailed. However, Justin was very reserved and endured his early life, trying to avoid constant media attention.

Rewards and recognition

So far, Justin Simpson has not been awarded any rewards and recognition, maybe because he is very private about his life.


Justin was born to infamous parents and had an upbringing full of drama and controversies. However, he has not been a victim of any discussions besides the ones started by his parents and grandparents.

He prefers to keep himself off the limelight and has maintained his private life.

Justin Ryan Simpson’s net worth

He didn’t acquire any of his father’s money. He accumulated his wealth as a real estate agent.

Justin Ryan Simpson’s net worth of USD 250,000 as of early 2020.

It is expected to keep growing. He owns several properties in the U.S. and also has a fleet of luxurious vehicles.

He also lives in a mansion estimated to have cost him USD 226,000.

Justin Simpson has a Facebook page under his name with 2,978 followers. He mostly carries out his Real Estate business from this page.

You can also find him on Twitter as @JSimpsonSells. He has over 3,000 followers on his Twitter account.

You can also view his profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, and realtor.com.

Justin Ryan Simpson now

Currently, Justin Simpson has been able to put his difficult life behind him to build a good experience for himself.

Even though it is heard that he and his siblings don’t have a tight relationship with their father, they still meet occasionally.

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Justin Ryan Simpson lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S, where he is close to his sibling. They are busily expanding their business in real estate management while keeping a low profile.

We are sure that Justin will raise more in his career, and we can’t wait to hear more from him.


What happened during his childhood?

Justin Ryan Simpson had a troubled childhood. His parents divorced after a year of his birth. Later, his mother was murdered in her home, and his father was the prime suspect. Due to this, his father was jailed.

Justin and his sister were taken back and forth between their paternal and maternal guardians.

What Does Justin Simpson Do For A Living?

Justin is a real estate sales professional at DHM Real Estate Group. He is also the Bolder Property Management Company owner in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida.

What is Justin Ryan Simpson’s net worth?

As of 2021, Justin Ryan Simpson has an estimated net worth of USD 3 million. He has gained this amount by working in the real estate business.

What is Justin Simpson doing nowadays?

Justin lives a quiet life working as a real estate sales professional for DHM Real Estate Group. He is also busy managing his own companies.

He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, the U.S.A, with his sister, Sydney Brooke Simpson.

Is Justin Ryan Simpson married?

Justin Simpson is still single. However, there is no information on who he is dating as of now.

Is O.J. Simpson’s son, Justin Simpson, just like his dad?

O.J Simpson’s son, Justin, is now a grown-up and is just like his father. Justin is a realtor and a charmer, just like his dad.

How old are Sydney and Justin Simpson?

Born on August 6, 1988, Justin Ryan Simpson is 35 years old, whereas his sister, Sydney, is 27 years old.

Who raised Sydney and Justin Ryan Simpson?

After the divorce, Sydney and Justin Simpson lived with their mother, Nicole. However, after the murder of their mother, they were raised by their maternal grandparents.

After the death of their grandparents, their mother, Nicole Brown’s sisters, also took care of them.

What happened to Sydney and Justin Simpson?

After the murder controversy of their mother and father, Sydney and Justin kept on changing houses and avoiding the media’s scrutiny.

However, they grew up to be just fine. Both of them graduated from college and are now pursuing a career in real estate.

Where is Justin Ryan Simpson now?

Justin lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, the U.S.A, with his sister, Sydney Brooke Simpson.
He is busy working for his real estate business.

Is Justin Simpson a Scientologist?

No, Justin is not a Scientologist but a realtor.


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