In The Tempest, Which Word Describes Miranda? A. Cruel B. Kind C. Adventurous D. Spiteful (2023)

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Further Explanation:

Miranda is one of the main characters from William Shakespeare's play, The Tempest and she is the only female character from the play to appear on stage during play and is only one of the four women whose name is mentioned in the play apart from Claribel, Sycorax, and Miranda's mother.

When this play, The Tempest was initially played, it generated initial criticism as a living representation of the female virtue. In the play, Miranda is showcased as the one who always believes that she is subordinate towards her father. Her character is always loving, kind and compassionate and always is obedient to her father and in the play she is described as 'Perfect and Peerless'. She is the only female character from the play among the strong male characters and a major part of her stage presence is dominated by male figures around her.

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Answer 2

B because she is a loving and caring person and is very obedient to what her father says. She also has a big heart and ask her father not to use magic on the boy she is in love with. This character evidence proves she is kind.

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It is 1) neutral
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did you pass 3 yrs ago

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In Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Titania, the queen of the fairies, falls in love with Bottom, an actor with a donkey face because of one of Puck's curse. The reason is that the king of the fairies, Oberon, has fallen out with Titania and asks Puck to pour the juice of a magical flower into her eyes while she is asleep. As a result, she falls in love with the first thing she sees, Bottom, while Oberon makes fun of her. Finally, Oberon removes the magic spell.

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ProbabA, but without text cant be sure.

I think A, I don't have text though

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To the children on paper napkins, the birthday girl's mother served brightly colored cupcakes.



The birthdays girl's mother served brightly coloured cupcakes on paper napkins to the children.

To the children on paper napkins, the birthday girl's mother served brightly colored cupcakes.

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I think the conjunction is but

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Example: As a kid I was always intrested in Greek Mythology. I want to learn more about the food people eat and the clothes people wear. I find the mythology intresting (Note: Greeks recently switched to the Christan religon. I am talking about ancient Greece) enough to go there myself. The architecture is also very unique and different from other cultures. Thats why going to Greek would be such a pleasure!


the answer is the person up top


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D. is what I think. Not sure though

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"Little Gator" Cornman wants to help adults, too. His next community service project is a no texting while driving campaign. In between that, making other motivational films, talking with students, and racing several times a week, Noah will also be writing a book. He wants his book to inspire others to treat one another with respect. With his heart for helping others and his determination, Noah "Little Gator" Cornman is undoubtedly on the fast track for success and making a difference. Which of the following ideas is expressed implicitly in paragraph 6? (5 points) Noah wants to help adults with their problems, too. Noah's next project is a no texting while driving campaign. Noah is writing a book about treating others with respect. Noah will be busy working to achieve his dreams and help others.


Answer: Noah will be busy working to achieve his dreams and help others.

Although it is not explicitly stated that Noah will be busy working to achieve his dreams and helping others, it is implied throughout the text. The paragraph tells us all the things that Noah will be doing, including a no texting while driving campaign and writing a book. We also know that, besides achieving his goals, he will try to help others. These activities are likely to keep him very busy.

Noah will be busy working to achieve his dreams and help others.

The author's purpose is to persuade the reader that child labor is wrong. Which passage best supports this purpose? Lewis Hine was born in 1874 and grew up in Wisconsin.

Hine wrote reports about what he saw, and Freedman uses Hine's own words from the reports.

Hine's pictures show the grimy faces of young coal miners, exhausted cotton pickers, and 4-year-old cannery workers.

He photographed children at work in seafood canneries, coal mines, textile mills, laundries, cotton fields, and glass and shoe factories.


What the question is asking, I believe, is what will best communicate the idea and persuade people the most.

The answer, I believe is the picture of the sweaty, dirty, exahusted children in coal mines.

The first choice doesn't work, obviously, because there is nothing mentioned about child labor.

The second choice works word wise, but it has no visual. You are also hearing it through someone else's words, as if third person.

The fifth choice would be correct, BUT the fourth choice is better. With the fifth, you see children working. That's sad. But, with the fourth, you not only see the children working, but tired, exahusted, and dirty. That truly communicates how horrible child labor is.

Hope I helped.


his answer was correct



How is Miranda described in The Tempest? ›

She is loving, kind, and compassionate as well as obedient to her father and is described as "perfect and peerless, created of every creature's best". She is, furthermore, the only female character within a cast of strong male figures, and much of her interaction on stage is dominated by the male figures around her.

What is Ferdinand's attitude towards Miranda? ›

Once ashore, he meets Miranda and falls in love with her. Like Miranda, Ferdinand is honest and kind, a loving son, who will make a loving husband to Miranda. He easily reassures Prospero that he will respect Miranda's chastity and not violate the trust he has been given. Ferdinand also respects and loves his father.

How does Prospero treat Miranda? ›

Earlier in the play, Prospero describes Miranda as a 'prize' (1.2. 453), a metaphor which objectifies her as his property and assigns a certain value to her. His orchestration of her match to Ferdinand makes his daughter a pawn in a game to gain ultimate control over those who have wronged him.

How old is Miranda in The Tempest? ›

Just under fifteen years old, Miranda is a gentle and compassionate, but also relatively passive, heroine.

Is Miranda naive in The Tempest? ›

Miranda is a central character in The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Timid, naïve, but also strong, she is Prospero's fifteen-year-old daughter.

How is Miranda characterized in Act 1 of The Tempest? ›

Miranda's compassion is evident in the first act, with her concern for the passengers caught up in the storm. Miranda is also justifiably indignant at her father's story of betrayal. Her tenderness is also evident when she begs her father not to use magic to control Ferdinand, whom she loves.

Are Miranda and Ferdinand in love? ›

Miranda is Prospero's daughter. She falls in love with Ferdinand, and then he has to go through many tests to assure Prospero that he is a worthy son-in-law.

How would you describe Miranda love for Ferdinand? ›

Miranda loves Ferdinand so much that she goes against her father (Prospero), 'Beseech you father', and she hangs onto his garments to try and stop him. She also talks to Ferdinand when he is moving logs and tells him her name even though her father has told her not to. This shows that their love is really strong.

Why is Miranda weeping? ›

Why does Miranda weep? Miranda weeps at the inability to give Ferdinand what she wished to offer and to take something, without which she'll die. 2.

Is Prospero in love with Miranda? ›

That Prospero loves his daughter is clear, but he also needs her to bring his plans to fruition. At the play's conclusion, Prospero's biggest success is in marrying Miranda to Ferdinand.

Did Prospero put Miranda to sleep? ›

Now, when the opportunity has come at last to get revenge on his old enemies, Prospero plans to trap them on the island under his control. Before Miranda can ask any more questions, Prospero puts her to sleep.

Why does Prospero make Miranda sleep? ›

Because of Gonzalo's help, they had managed to reach their present island, and, as soon as they were established there, Prospero was determined to have the upper hand. At this stage in the narrative, Prospero puts Miranda into a deep sleep so that the spirit Ariel can tell him what has been happening.

What does Miranda stand for? ›

Miranda is a Latin word meaning "to be wondered at" (from the verb miror, to wonder at or to admire). It has been in use in England and America as a female personal name since the early seventeenth century.

Who is Miranda in The Tempest relationships? ›

Miranda is Prospero's daughter and his only child. We are not told anything about her mother. She was cast out to sea with her father when she was three-years-old and knows nothing about the world except what her father has taught her. Prospero hopes she and Ferdinand will be attracted to each other.

Why is Miranda the only female in The Tempest? ›

Miranda is the only female character in the play that Shakespeare allows a voice and character development (the other women being Claribel and Sycorax, who we never meet). Her presentation as a weak, submissive, virginal young girl embodies how women were seen and treated during the Elizabethan age.

Is Miranda beautiful in Tempest? ›

Physical Beauty

“The character of Miranda revolves itself into the very elements of womanhood. She is beautiful, modest, tender and she is these only; they comprise her whole being, external and internal. She is so perfectly unsophisticated, so delicately refined, that she is all but ethereal.

Is Prospero Miranda's real father? ›

Why does Ferdinand call Miranda a goddess? ›

The reason behind Ferdinand's belief was that he came to the place following a strange voice, and when he came there, he saw a beautiful lady. Meanwhile, he considered Miranda, a goddess and began to address her that way. He might have addressed her as a goddess because no one could survive in the strange land.

How is Miranda Priestly characterized? ›

Characterization. Miranda Priestly's personality comes in ranking as an ENTJ according to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. Her personage has been reviewed as 'Bossy' and 'Diva', referring her as an arrogant, megalomaniacal and egomaniacal person.

Is Miranda one of the most charming feminine character? ›

She is one of the most charming heroines of Shakespeare. Miranda is young and beautiful. Her beauty has been conveyed to us not through a catalogue of quality of her face, features and figure but through the effect which her image produces not only on her youthful lover but also on elderly people.

What does Miranda fear in The Tempest? ›

Caliban is not presented as the most pleasant character of The Tempest. While Prospero rules over him, Miranda is simply afraid of the islander. Indeed, he is portrayed as an angry, uneducated, and untidy man. The girl feels threatened by him and tries to stay away from him as much as possible.

Why is Miranda's virginity important to Prospero? ›

Her virginity is their prime bargaining chip in winning an advantageous marriage that will secure both of their positions; and if she does marry Ferdinand, their power back in Italy is secured for both of them.

Do Miranda and Ferdinand kiss in The Tempest? ›

Prospero sees Miranda and Ferdinand share a kiss, as the two have decided to marry, and announces that Ferdinand's forced labour was a trial to prove himself worthy of marrying Miranda. Prospero permits their union and frees Ferdinand from servitude.

Was Caliban in love with Miranda? ›

In this version of the story, Caliban doesn't try to rape Miranda. They fall in love, and Prospero walks in on them halfway through consummation.

How does Ferdinand prove his love for Miranda? ›

Ferdinand expresses his love for Miranda in similar terms, describing her as: 'So perfect and so peerless' (line 47). The seriousness of their words to each other in this scene begins to resemble – and foreshadow – the exchange of marriage vows.

How did Ferdinand declared his love to Miranda? ›

Answer. Answer: ferdinand declared his love to Miranda by giving her compliment of her beauty...

How has Ferdinand declared his love to Miranda? ›

Ans: Ferdinand declared his love by saying that the very instant he saw her ,his heart flew towards her service . there his heart resides to make him a slve in her services. On this Miranda responded saying that you are the first man she had seen expect her father and ugly Caliban and starts weeping out of love.

Why was Miranda surprised? ›

She was surprised to see him because she had never seen any other human face than her father's. After seeing her face, Prospero asked his daughter what she was looking for. Miranda exclaimed in a strange surprise and said it was a spirit for sure. In addition, she said that the creature looked beautiful.

Does Miranda ever get married? ›

As the series progresses, Miranda's cynicism softens, particularly after she becomes pregnant by her on-again, off-again bartender boyfriend, Steve Brady, whom she eventually marries.

What is the most famous line in The Tempest? ›

You may deny me, but I'll be your servant, Whether you will or no. Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked, I cried to dream again.

How does Prospero lie to Miranda? ›

Prospero reassures her that no harm has been done and says that it's time to tell Miranda about her past. He takes off his cloak, saying, "Lie there my art" (1.2. 24-25). Prospero then reveals to Miranda that he was once Duke of Milan and that Miranda was a princess.

How does the Tempest end? ›

The ending

In the betrothal of Ferdinand and Miranda, the rift between Naples and Milan is healed. Finally, Prospero grants Ariel her freedom and prepares to leave the island for Milan and her restored Dukedom.

Who saved Prospero and Miranda? ›

Prospero tells how he and Miranda escaped from death at the hands of the army in a barely-seaworthy boat prepared for them by his loyal subjects. Gonzalo, an honest Neapolitan, provided them with food and clothing, as well as books from Prospero's library.

Who agrees to marry Miranda? ›

Prospero decides that Ferdinand has suffered enough and so he agrees to let him marry Miranda.

Who falls asleep in The Tempest? ›

Then Ariel, invisible, charms asleep all but Antonio and Sebastian. Antonio seizes the occasion to persuade Sebastian to kill King Alonso and Gonzalo and take the throne of Naples. Ariel, invisible, returns to awake Gonzalo, who wakes the rest.

Does Prospero make Miranda and Ferdinand fall in love? ›

Miranda and Ferdinand see each other and fall in love. Prospero pretends not to agree to them getting married straight away and tests Ferdinand's love. Two of Alonso's servants, Stephano and Trinculo, also get shipwrecked on the island. They meet Caliban, a creature from the island who Prospero treats like a slave.

Is Prospero protective of Miranda? ›

Like mentioned earlier It is rather apparent that he is protective of his daughter. He is the only man in her life and now that Ferdinand has arrived on the island he is determining whether he is capable of performing his duties.

Is Prospero controlling over Miranda? ›

It is through his own daughter, Miranda, that Prospero seems to have the biggest control over. Sure, every father would love to control what their teenage daughter is up to, but Prospero has the full authority to because after all, there's only the two of them on the island, not including Ariel and Caliban.

Why were Prospero and Miranda not killed? ›

Antonio then sent an army at midnight, under the cover of darkness, to force Prospero and baby Miranda out of Milan. They weren't killed because Prospero was so well-loved by his people. Prospero and the baby were banished to sea on a used '83 Chevy Impala of a ship, which "even the rats left instinctively."

Can Miranda be a boy name? ›

Miranda is a feminine given name of Latin origin, meaning "worthy of admiration".

What is Miranda called? ›

The following is the standard Miranda warning: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning.

What is Miranda's full name? ›

Ernesto Arturo Miranda (March 9, 1941 – January 31, 1976) was an American criminal and laborer whose conviction on kidnapping, rape, and armed robbery charges based on his confession under police interrogation was set aside in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona, which ruled that criminal suspects ...

How did Miranda react to the shipwreck? ›

Miranda is upset, having watched the storm engulf the ship just offshore. She describes the ship as 'a brave vessel / Who had, no doubt, some noble creature in her, / Dashed all to pieces! ' She asks her father, the sorcerer Prospero, to calm the storm if he can. Prospero reassures her, saying 'There's no harm done'.

How many lines does Miranda have in The Tempest? ›

Speeches (Lines) for Miranda. in "Tempest" Total: 50.

How does Ferdinand meet Miranda? ›

Ferdinand and Miranda meet

Ariel arranges for the shipwrecked Prince Ferdinand and Miranda to meet, and they fall in love. This is part of Prospero's plan but he does not want to make things too easy for Ferdinand so he pretends to be angry and uses his magic to make him a prisoner.

How would you describe Miranda in The Tempest? ›

She is loving, kind, and compassionate as well as obedient to her father and is described as "perfect and peerless, created of every creature's best". She is, furthermore, the only female character within a cast of strong male figures, and much of her interaction on stage is dominated by the male figures around her.

Why Miranda is the best character? ›

She's The Least Judgemental

Miranda never shamed or judged anyone for their personal choices and expected others to extend her the same courtesy. She was a lot more emotionally evolved than her friends since she realized pretty early on how she is perceived by others.

What does Ferdinand think of Miranda? ›

She tells him, and he is pleased: “Miranda” comes from the same Latin word that gives English the word “admiration.” Ferdinand's speech plays on the etymology: “Admired Miranda! / Indeed the top of admiration, worth / What's dearest to the world!” (III. i. 37 – 39 ). Ferdinand goes on to flatter his beloved.

What is Miranda's physical appearance? ›

Physical Appearance

Described as "a bit unusual" by friend, Stevie, Miranda is extremely tall for a woman at 6'1" with short, brown hair and brown-hazel eyes.

What characteristics of Miranda becomes evident in the extract? ›

Answer: Miranda's compassion is evident in the first act, with her concern for the passengers caught up in the storm. Miranda is also justifiably indignant at her father's story of betrayal. Her tenderness is also evident when she begs her father not to use magic to control Ferdinand, whom she loves.

What are the character traits of Miranda in wonder? ›

Miranda. Miranda is Via's friend, and has always helped Auggie. She is kind, caring, and compassionate. Miranda's struggle is having divorced parents who are distant and do not do much for her.

What is Mother Miranda's ability? ›

Mutated Physiology: The walking mutation gave her immortal life, as well as significant regeneration with her being able to regenerate herself from five consecutive shots to the head.

What does being the Miranda mean? ›

For a long time, dubbing someone 'the Miranda' of the group was unequivocally understood as a diss. It meant you were frumpy, definitely unlucky in love, and possibly the owner of an unflattering pair of overalls.

Is Miranda a strong character? ›

Her innocence and vulnerability are the things that allow her to be manipulated, first by her father and then by Ferdinand. However, she is a strong female presence with an important role in the play and its outcome. Her clear feminine traits are in opposition to her father's more violent instincts.

What does Miranda in The Tempest love? ›

Common Questions about Prospero in The Tempest

Miranda is Prospero's daughter. She falls in love with Ferdinand, and then he has to go through many tests to assure Prospero that he is a worthy son-in-law.

What motivates Miranda in The Tempest? ›

By courting Ferdinand secretly (as she believes), and again disobeying her father by telling Ferdinand her name, Miranda shows herself to be motivated by the positive force of love, rather than being deterred by the threat of violence.

Where is Miranda What Makes Her Suffer? ›

Where is Miranda? What has she seen that makes her suffer? ANS: Miranda is on the island before Prospero's cell. Seeing people in the ship frightened and ship shallowed by the sea waves maker her suffer.

Which of the following best describes Miranda's character in Act 3? ›

Which of the following best describes Miranda's character in Act III of The Tempest? She feels shy and tongue-tied around Ferdinand.

Why does Miranda weep? ›

Why does Miranda weep? Miranda weeps at the inability to give Ferdinand what she wished to offer and to take something, without which she'll die.

Does Miranda have a crush on via? ›

This summer, Miranda told people that she was Via. She made up facts about herself, telling others in the camp that August was her brother, and she had a dog named Daisy. This made her realize her romantic feelings towards Via.

Why did Miranda pretend to be sick in Wonder? ›

When Miranda sees that Via's family is in attendance at the play, she pretends to be ill so Via can play her role instead. Miranda's parents aren't there to see her — they divorced the summer before Miranda started high school.

Who is Miranda's boyfriend in Wonder? ›

Relationships. Zack is a student in Wonder. He attends school at Faulkner High, where he is on the varsity volleyball team. He is currently dating Miranda.


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